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Kevin King, Esq.

Introductory Video for Kevin King, Esq.

Former KY Supreme Court Staff Attorney

Case Law Updates: KY Supreme Court Opinions


Kevin King received his BA from the University of Kentucky in 1975, his Masters in Education from Xavier in 1982, certification as a secondary school counselor from the University of Cincinnati in 1983, his J.D. from Chase College of Law in 1988, and his certification in secondary school administration from the University of Kentucky in 2001.  Clearly, he was not sure what he wanted to be when he “grew up”, which is also reflected by his work life – secondary school teacher 1977-1988, actor 1976-1984, attorney 1988-1997 and 2004-2006, adjunct professor 2008-2016, arbitrator 1997-2000, administrative law judge 2000-2004, Kentucky Court of Appeals Staff Attorney 2006-2013, and Kentucky Supreme Court Clerk 2013-2017.  Since 2017, he has happily held the position of retiree. 

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